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Our Medical Sheepskin Rugs and Pads are made from 100% Australian medical grade sheepskin chosen for their high wool density to support the body. Medical Sheepskins distribute pressure and help relieve pressure points which can help to prevent and treat bed sores. The breathable wool wicks away moisture from the skin which reduces the likelihood of infection. Our medical sheepskins are machine washable, hypoallergenic, and naturally insulate users against heat and cold.
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Medical Sheepskin Rug | Medium 85-90cm Medical Sheepskin Rug Large Medical Sheepskin Rug - X Large
Medical Sheepskin Rug - Medium
Our Price CAD: $79.95

Medical Sheepskin Rug - Large
Our Price CAD: $104.95

Medical Sheepskin Rug - X Large
Our Price CAD: $129.95

Medical Sheepskin Rug - Double Hi-Temp Medical Sheepskin Rug Medical Sheepskin Seat Pad / Chair Cushion
Double Medical Sheepskin Rug
Our Price CAD: $199.95

Hi-Temp Medical Sheepskin - Large
Our Price CAD: $139.95

Medical Sheepskin Seat Pad
Our Price CAD: $49.95

Medical sheepskins offer patient care and added natural comfort. Bedsores, pressure sores, and pressure ulcers (decubitus ulcers) can develop in less than 30 minutes and may take months to heal. Simple prevention is the easiest and most economical way to protect patients from these ulcers before they start.
Our medical sheepskin products naturally protect patients who are confined to a bed or wheelchair. Bedsores may develop on heels, the tail-bone, shoulder blades, and elbows when circulation is impaired where skin meets the bed surface. Most of us simply roll over when we feel this discomfort, but a bed or wheelchair patient can't easily roll or adjust positions. Here, the tissues may be deprived of blood, the skin breaks down and a pressure sore / ulcer develops. Research has shown that sheepskins are effective in helping prevent and treat these problems through pressure distribution and by air flow and circulation. Regular Auckland medical sheepskins can be washed at 40'C. Our green medical skins can be washed at 80'C for 8 minutes which sterilizes the product. (Some loss of green dye will occur.)